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Our Bodies Hold the Memories

Unleashing Your Creative Self

Stresses and trauma remain in our bodies, often for a very long time until we can uncover and love these wounded places. These old hurts and traumas often go back to our time in the womb or our birth experience.

Before we were cognisant or had language, we may have experienced the distress of our mother’s journey, been subjected to a dominating, bullying or unpleasant personality, experienced change, loss, conflict, or separation.

These experiences might show themselves in our lives as a tyranny of emotions, or sometimes the opposite, feeling numb, stuck, or cut off from emotion. We may be aware of unknown fears or a reticence in doing something we would like to do or achieve in our lives; or perhaps we have a health condition that won’t go away.

Maybe we find relationships difficult or have difficulties in being alone. We might feel stressed or overwhelmed, feel unable to realise our dreams or to see the way forwards. Sometimes we just know that somethings “not quite right”. These memories can stop us from “feeling at home” in our bodies or prevent us from having nourishing relationships and from realising our potential.

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

You may have heard the term “self-sabotage”? This is simply a method of protection running in the background, in the unconscious. This protection was probably crucial to your wellbeing at one time. If it’s still running, when your life is steady; then your body hasn’t yet recognised that the danger has passed.


We all have fears, some people feel fears as a part of daily life, whilst for others, fears present themselves at different times.

Here are some fears that may be present for you, and there are many more:

Fear of being blamed, being hurt emotionally or physically, abused, mis-treated, ignored or noticed, being separated, or left uncared for. Fear of being confined, trapped, or constrained, fear of being rejected or outcast.

Fear of being unable to know what you want or unable to be who you want to be. Fear of being unable to communicate or be heard. Fear of hurting others, of losing control, fear of being hurt. Fear of needing others, fear of being needed, fear of touch or of not being touched.

Slowing Down and Receiving Support

Fears come through our experiences, and are stored in our body, in our muscles, our bones, our cells. When we slow down and listen, our body shows us how it wants to heal and transform. There is never just one view of a situation, but many. Often simply by listening and being witnessed by another who cares for you, and cares about what has happened in your past, our bodies are able to let go of the imprint, releasing the trauma.

The freedom that comes from this can be profound, allowing a deeper relationship with self, sometimes described as a “coming home to self. This seems to unleash creativity, bringing new perspectives, new dreams and new ways forwards.


Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, Peter A Levine

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