Way of the Tracker; Creative Kinesiology

Way of the Tracker is a gentle yet powerful natural healthcare system. It embodies the strength of tenderness and touch. By hearing the messages of your body we can understand more of what's happening for you at a deeper level. This witnessing of the whole of you can be deeply nourishing and transformative. 

Way of the Tracker combines energy medicine and bodywork, and is holistic; balancing mind, body, emotions and spirit in order to create wholeness. I often combine Zen Shiatsu into your sessions, to find out more, please click here.

Coming for a Session

I offer sessions at my home practice in the Teign Valley, Devon. I'm also available online for people living across the globe.

Free phone Consultation

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to everyone considering Creative Kinesiology. This allows you to get to know me a little in order to make a decision on booking your session. We can discuss what's happening for you and what you would like from a session whilst I answer your questions. Please ring me or use the connect form to schedule a call.