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Jacqueline Lawes

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"I aim to provide a safe and empowering space that supports you to access your natural healing ability, to restore vital energy and to deeply relax."

Hello and welcome to my page.

I have been in private practice for 25 years, and I love what I do with a passion. It gives me such pleasure to support you in making the changes that you want to make. Whether that’s more energy and motivation for life, support with emotions, help with physical symptoms or spiritual direction.


I began my professional life in London in the 90's. In those days I offered Chinese Medicine with Zen Shiatsu. This gave me a lot of experience in balancing energy and creating vitality. Whilst working deeply with energy pathways, Zen Shiatsu is also a good deep tissue, bodywork system supporting mobility in muscles and joints whilst promoting postural alignment.


When I relocated to Devon, I discovered Creative Kinesiology.  Although I was very happy with the results from Shiatsu, I could see how Creative Kinesiology would add another dimension to helping people. Through muscle checking, Creative Kinesiology allows us to listen to your body’s wisdom. In this way we can find out more about what’s going on for you at a deeper level and though this enquiry, we can find the energy technique that will make the difference for you. 


I’ve been combining these two practices now over the past 15 years. Please check out client feedback .




I love collaborating within organisations. I held the emotional support at Karuna Detox (2 years), supported people with H.I.V (8 years) and drug rehab (2 years). I worked in adult education for 5 years teaching Yoga and Shiatsu.  I went on to teach Yoga privately for another 7 years both weekly classes and workshops. I currently offer continuous professional development courses for the School of Creative Kinesiology.


Personal Development and Practice


My personal development has been deep and fruitful, and I believe plays a large part in my being an experienced practitioner. If you’re interested in what bought me to Natural health you can read about my early experiences HERE


My daily practice is Yoga and the Native American Medicine Wheel. I also dance and walk in the wild. My work is supervised, and I continue to take courses to update my knowledge and expertise.

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