Jacqueline Lawes

"I aim to provide a safe and empowering space that encourages people to access their natural healing ability, to restore vital energy and to deeply relax."

"I am committed to health and wellbeing, and to supporting people to access their natural healing ability. I have worked with thousands of people both individually and in workshops over the past 24 years.


Alongside private practice, I love collaborating within organisations: I've been involved with Exeter Drugs Project; supporting people in recovery from addiction, Positive Action South West; supporting people with H.I.V and The Atlas Project; supporting people with learning disabilities. I've worked on Detox retreats and Yoga holidays and I'm currently working within the N.H.S.


I love to be invited to become part of your retreats or workshops. Please get in touch if you would like to explore this with me.

Over the years I have taught Yoga, Shiatsu, Five Elements, Conscious Dance and Corporate Health and Wellbeing days.


Practitioner Trainings


Diploma in Shiatsu & Chinese Medicine, The Shiatsu College, London - 3 years - 1993 - 1996

Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training, The Devon School of Yoga - 2 years - 2001 - 2003

Certificate in Professional Kinesiology, The School of Creative Kinesiology, Devon - 1 Year - 2006

Plus regular Postgraduate courses in all of the above and monthly supervision.

Certificate in Teaching, Plymouth College - 2014

Personal Practice and Training

Yoga - 28 years - 1992 - (ongoing) 

Native American Medicine Wheel Circle - 14 years - 2006 - (ongoing): Including Yearly Vision Quests.

Conscious Dance and Movement practices - 16 years - 2004 - (ongoing). Including 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Soul Motion.

Tai Chi - 2 years - 1997 - 1999

Vipassana Meditation - 5 years 1993 - 1998

Theravada Buddhist Meditation - 1 year 1992 - 1993

Conscious massage - 1 Year - 1991 - 1992


An Interview with Jacqueline

What do you enjoy about working with people?


Simply everything. I just love it and I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s a privilege to walk alongside another on their personal healing journey; helping them find out what will make the difference for them; to shape their lives into what they want; to find happiness through living fully.

Why did you become a therapist?


Like many of us, I started with my own healing journey which inspired me to share this experience of wellness with others.


Can you say more about your personal healing journey?


I started young; both my parents died when I was 21 and there wasn't the understanding we have today around counselling and therapeutic support. One day, whilst living in Australia, I fell down and couldn’t get up again. My back had “frozen” and I was in a lot of physical pain. 


I was lucky to find a good massage therapist. Trish re-shaped my spine through deep physical bodywork and she understood how to release trauma through shaking. This ancient indigenous practice runs through many traditions and is now understood and used in some contemporary healing practices as a way of releasing trauma.


How did this experience lead you to become a therapist yourself?


Through this personal healing, I discovered that I had a gift for sensing energy flow; first I felt this through my own body and later I discovered that I could feel it when working with others. This led me to research energy pathways in the body and gave me the knowledge of acupressure points and meridian lines.


When I returned to the U.K, it was a natural progression to study further. I spent the following three years with The Shiatsu College, London, studying Chinese Medicine and Japanese Meridian Massage (Shiatsu). I learned how much enjoyment comes from sharing what you know, and I gained experience on how to help others transform through bodywork and energy work.

How do you work with your personal development and how does that influence your work?


Receiving regular treatments and supervision is vital to helping others and this informs how I work with people. My home practice revolves around Yoga and Conscious Dance. Together these practices inspire me, whilst helping me to stay strong and awake to life and all that it brings.


The flow and movement which comes from these practices is a part of the energy I work with.

You belong to a Native American Medicine Wheel. Can you tell us about that?


I’ve been part of a Medicine Wheel Healing Circle for 13 years. The Native American approach to healing has its foundation in our connection with nature.


We honour nature as we honour ourselves. We connect and work with all aspects of the natural word; from rock to river and Earth to moon. In our understanding there is no divide between us and the natural world. It is all one long stream of energy.


This connection with nature is part of the energy I work with.