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Becoming embodied has enabled me to create the work that I love and the friendships that make feel like I belong. I love supporting you to do the same. Over the past 30 years I have studied and practiced in many methods of embodiment. Today I enjoy supporting you through Creative Kinesiology, Shiatsu Massage, Yoga and Conscious Dance.


Whilst for some, being embodied is your natural place, for others, embodiment is a journey which can be described as “coming back home to yourself.” You may have had difficult beginnings in life or challenges that have been hard to integrate.  This may have led to patterns of disembodiment; where your consciousness leaves your physical body. Modern psychology calls this disassociation; when we disconnect from our thoughts, feelings, memories and sense of identity.

Heres a little of my embodiment story

Hypersensitivity was suggested by my doctor when I was very small, possibly around 3 or 4 years old. I was a shy, only child, picking up on everyone’s unspoken emotions and finding the world quite daunting. I was often crying over the smallest of things. Lying on the grass looking into the clouds was my favourite pass-time. I also slept a lot and remember vivid dreams that were very much a part of my reality.

As I grew up this shyness got covered in alcohol with a good dollop of false bravado. I drank heavily in order to feel ok in social situations. I had grown up in a sedentary family and there was very little movement. We sat and watched the T.V. or did puzzles or drawing. When I took up hiking at 22, it was easy to see that my centre of gravity was not where it should be and those early travelling experiences, getting grounded and connected in wild places, were happy times.


Over the years,  I’ve become experienced in knowing when I disassociate and when I’m present and I’m well practiced at the techniques that bring me back into alignment, back into my body and into the flow of life. Like all healing, it's an ongoing journey.  I simply do my best by surrendering to the process, bringing support and tenderness to myself whilst bringing myself back to presence and embodiment. When I do this I notice how much happier I am, that I have more energy, creativity and more fulfilling friendships and community connection.

After many years of exploration, today my main practices are Yoga, Conscious Dance, Creative Kinesiology, Shiatsu and connection to Nature. I love bringing these threads together to meet you where you are, and provide support for your next steps to embodiment and connection.

Symptoms of disassociation vary from person to person. Here are a few ways you may notice this "disconnect" and there are many more.


  •  feeling "far away" from others

  •  feeling like you don't belong 

  •  feeling stressed and irritable much of the time

  •  feeling overwhelmed

  •  fidgeting; finding it difficult to settle and rest

  •  immobile; unable to get going (lethargy)

  •  feeling frozen / stuck in your body or your lifestyle

  •  mind full of ideas that you're unable to action

  •  living in your head (over thinking or constructing a personal reality/  daydreaming)

  •  difficulty focusing or completing tasks

  •  difficulty with consistency and the ability to grow something over time

  •  difficulty making decisions (not knowing what you want/need)

  •  difficulty socialising / shyness / shame / lack of feeling equal or worthy


Embodiment and Connection; coming home to ourselves


Embodiment and connection are like “two sides of the same coin”. When we are fully embodied, we are connected both within ourselves and with the people and the world around us. We usually know when we are embodied because we feel at home in ourselves, we feel comfortable and connected; a part of everything. Our relationships thrive and we enjoy participating in our communities.


On a practical level, embodiment is when our subtle bodies; our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are in alignment with our physical body. When this happens we are centred in our belly and connected to the earth. 

Centring and Grounding


Our centre is located just below the belly button. The Chinese refer to this as the "dan-then", the Japanese, the "Hara". Many of the eastern practices are focused on cultivating energy here. It is thought to be the seat of our power. When we are centred here, we are grounded and receive our main source of energy from the earth. Without this centre we are ungrounded and can lack energy or motivation, or we may feel overexcited (hyperactive) and "burn up" energy quickly.

Why Get Embodied?


When we are aligned and at home in our bodies, our connection with the earth is a great energy resource. When we are “plugged in” to the earth energy’s, our vital force is supported and we naturally regenerate and heal. Through the grounding experiments it was discovered that our connection with the earth brings negative ions into our bodies, activating our natural healing processes. It was found that these negative ions resolve inflammation, one of the big pre-cursers of dis-ease. For more information on earning go to:

Embodiment and Relationships


Though embodiment, we are present and “available” to enjoy greater intimacy and love. Our inner connection with ourselves allows us to create more meaningful connections with others. This then reinforces our inner connection and our own embodiment; the two go "hand in hand".


Focus and Direction 


When we are disembodied we can feel scattered, confused, have high emotions and find life quite difficult to manage. Once embodied we feel calmer, more resourced and relaxed; we gain focus, and are more able to find our natural "flow" or direction. 




When we are disembodied, it can be difficult to make things happen in the everyday world. It may be hard to bring our dreams to fruition or we can lack the funds needed. Sometimes we can feel “stretched” simply providing basic life necessities. Becoming more embodied can support us to pursue our souls purpose and really thrive.

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