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Some words from Clients

"The treatment was immediately beneficial at a time when I was quite dysfunctional and disheartened. There are significant physical Improvements to a number of undermining conditions and this repair has been very reassuring.


I enjoy the sessions enormously and like Jacqueline’s kind focus and ability to move confidently between strong therapeutic touch and unexpected subtle levels. The work enables me to feel at one with myself again."  

“I know one session isn’t enough, but I’m amazed how much we achieved in that one session - mentally and emotionally for me anyway. Getting to the root of the issue that had been eating me up from the inside out for a year helped me to lay some ghosts to rest, understand my feelings and move forward. Not saying it’s all gone but I do feel a self-esteem and confidence boost.”

"I went for sessions with Jacqueline looking for relief for a pain in my physical body. What I hadn’t realised was that I was in need of a holistic healing. She helped me to assess different levels of my body and soul and we worked together to re-establish my energy levels. It was really gentle, but extremely powerful.”

"Jacqueline is a committed, passionate and caring professional who is truly helping me to connect more deeply with myself."

“Jacqueline works with integrity and is knowledgeable in her disciplines. She is sensitive, empathic, caring and intelligent. I regularly recommend her to people.”

"I always look forward to my sessions with Jacqueline.  I know at the end I will feel stronger physically and emotionally. I will also have learnt something new and novel.”

 “It’s hard to describe with words, work that goes much deeper than what a human brain can understand. The only thing that is sure, is that it won’t leave you unchanged. Powerful transformation of your energetic body, and therefore of the direction of your life, are facilitated by Jacqueline. I’m eternally grateful for that.”

In response To The Live Love Dream Workshops 

“I really liked “rapping” about our lives and charting the positives and negatives. The picture I drew from that is hanging on my wall......really useful.... also recgonising what was blocking me from creating what I want was a real breakthrough thankyou" 


“Thank you again for a wonderful day. I feel more positive and energetic – it’s really noticeable.  I also feel calmer and am thinking about how I can continue to feel more at home in myself.  This is something I want to work on.”

“This was an extraordinary day for the feeling of spaciousness and time stretching out.

The physical journeys and the inner journeys were balancing. Great combination! and I love the affirmations which I’m using every day.” 

“Thank you so much for Sunday.  It was a really deep and positive experience for me. I found your guidance safe and nurturing.  You have a special gift for healing and supporting.” 

"I was able to trust Jacqueline from the first session we had. Her love for her work and her years of experience can be felt without doubt.


I’ve had regular sessions with Jacqueline for the past months, during a period of deep transition. I take my inner transformation seriously and Jacqueline was able to support me on different levels.


It is sometimes hard to put it in to words, but I see Jacqueline’s work as a deep fine tuning of the system on all levels.


I wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline’s work to anyone needing support on a physical, emotional  or spiritual level. I am deeply grateful for having this opportunity".

"Thank you for offering such a strong and deep holding; a gateway to embody more Soul and self-compassion; a priceless healing time. I’m deeply touched by the way you give heart to all that you do." 

“I started seeing Jacqueline for a physical problem but it soon became apparent she could help with much more than that.


Since then she has helped me cope with a really bad period of my life, not only helping me cope with the everyday stuff but also helping me to clear out a lot of negative baggage that I’d been carrying around for most of my life, including some very negative beliefs that had been installed at a very early age.


The beauty of Jacqueline’s method is that I haven’t had to dwell on the negative stuff or try to explain anything.  I don’t pretend to understand how or why, what Jacqueline does works.  Enough to say that it does work very effectively and despite the difficult times I am in a far better place now than I was when we started.”


"Jacqueline works in a gentle and creative manner -  I find my sessions with her restorative and an opportunity to notice/honour the needs of the body.


With no travel involved, Skype sessions are easier to schedule and access (note: one would require a steady wireless connection).


I first started working with her in-person, and find that our Skype sessions enable a similar degree of quality. Jacqueline provides clear and concise instructions or feedback, for any techniques or processes that arise during the session.


I genuinely appreciate the consistent quality of care that I am receiving over Skype, and would recommend it for anyone wanting to give it a shot. "

"Jacqueline's way of working at 360 degrees on various levels, is very complete and goes deep, so deep that personally it has given me a lot of help. I recommend her without reserve…. and for any kind of "problem".

"I turned to Jacqueline when I was in pieces; both physically with a tremendous pain to the sciatic nerve and with my head full of plans, thoughts and worries, that made me uncomfortable. I just couldn’t bring my plans into action. 


An hour after the treatment the physical pain had disappeared – gone! And in my mind I felt reassured.


Slowly from then on I have healed. We have done two more skype sessions and despite my doubts about the distance, it has worked.


Everything in my life has taken shape and is now running smoothly. I am running my new business and creating my course.

" I feel better than for a long time and have been working in the garden like a man possessed. It helps it is an almost spring like day with warm sunshine but I’ve been up ladders taking limbs off trees and other very physical work that before the session would have required frequent rests as well as sometimes not having the strength to do something.


Overall, I certainly have more energy, less headaches and less feeling tired/sleepy."

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