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My Story

Becoming Ill can be the beginning of a beautiful journey


My own healing journey began a long time ago, when I was in Australia at the tender age of 21. After losing both of my parents, I didn’t know how to support myself. I had a stressful job and worked very long hours running a French bakery. One day I simply fell over and couldn’t get up. I had pain shooting through my back and head and I was frightened.


I was lucky, I had a good G.P. who suggested 3 weeks bed rest and some bodywork. I had just embarked on a massage course and the tutor had given me her card, so I called up Trish and arranged a home visit. I soon discovered that Trish was no ordinary massage therapist. As well as releasing the physical knots and blocks my body was holding, she had a talent for moving energy. 


Over the following five months, Trish reshaped my spine whilst supporting me to connect with my emotions. This was quite a journey for me as I had never expressed emotions with others; but as the trust built between us I was finally able to acknowledge and express much of what I had felt during my short life.


WE ARE MORE than just our physical bodies

I’m forever grateful for my sessions with Trish as whilst they re-shaped my back, they also re-shaped my perception of who I am and of what is possible. During the sessions I had some profound experiences with visions and body sensations that woke me up to the realisation that we are far more than just our physical bodies.


I now recognise that I was able to feel energy flows through and around my body. The releasing of these flows was sometimes an ecstatic and other-worldly experience which opened my mind to seeking and learning more about the body and healing.

Over our time together, my back strengthened; in-fact it looked completely different from how it had been; I now walked upright with my shoulders relaxed back and my head in alignment. My Vital energy grew and I became happy again.


Sometimes it takes another person to recognise ones GIFTS & TALENTS

Sometimes it takes another person to recognise one’s gifts. It was Trish that encouraged me in learning more about energy; she helped me to see that I had a talent for feeling and understanding energy and that it required nourishment and training to become a skill.


Thus began a life long journey of discovery and awakening . A journey of personal development along with professional training. It is my passion and my joy to bring all of this experience into my sessions with you.

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