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Zen Shiatsu

Embodying the strength of tenderness and touch, Shiatsu is deeply nourishing and transformative. Whilst feeling like a good firm massage, shiatsu works deeply into your energy system to create more flow and vitality for you.  

Shiatsu comes from Japan and has grown out of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It combines meridian massage and acupressure points alongside joint mobilisations and body stretches.

By listening to your energy system through my hands, your body lets me know where you need support and where you need more energy flow. This subtle balancing of your energy brings harmony to mind, body and spirit, creating wholeness.

Shiatsu is done through clothes on a futon or a low coach.

Shiatsu and Embodiment


The power of touch has been long recognised as essential for our early development and for our ongoing health and wellbeing. Shiatsu is a wonderful way to feel deeply touched. 


As we are massaged, we release tension in our body and mind, our breath deepens and our nervous system finds balance; resetting to the relax response. This can have a powerful effect on our general health and our immunity whilst deepening our feeling of wholeness and wellness. When we are supported through touch, we may experience a deeper embodiment or "coming home to ourselves".

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" I dreamt last night oh marvelous error that there were honey bees in my heart making honey out of my old failures." Antonio Machado

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