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Resources to help you Embody and Get Connected

Tree Of Life

Tree of Life is a great way to get grounded and stay grounded. Do it sitting, standing, outside or in; make this a resource to come back to if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, scattered, distressed. Tree of life can offer stability, connection and renewal.

Tree Of LifeJacqueline Lawes
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Golden Orb

Golden orb can support you to hold a positive boundary. If you're the kind of person who is picking up other peoples feelings; golden orb can help you to "hold your own space" and to know what's yours and what belongs to others. Golden orb is protective and therefore steadying.

Golden Orb Jacqueline Lawes
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All dance is embodying; as we move we remember our edges; where we begin and where we end. conscious dance adds the focus of meditation; stilling the mind whilst dropping deeper into the body.

Male Dancer
Yoga at Home


All Yoga is embodying; breathing deeply, clearing the mind, whilst stretching and strengthening the muscles and bones. In Yoga we orient to our bodies; listening, feeling and sensing as we drop deeper within.

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