Valentina's Story - an intensive session

This is the story of Valentina's first session. It shows what can be achieved in an emergency session. These sessions are intensive and usually take two hours. Valentina went on to have more session's by skype when she got home to Italy. This is her story.


Valentina called for an emergency appointment. She was driving to Europe the following morning and was in pain with backache and sciatica. When I arrived, she told me that she had not slept well for some months. She explained that she was aware that this physical problem had an emotional origin and that it was about moving forward with her new project which she felt blocked with.


I asked her about this project and she told me that it was very dear to her heart and that was why it was difficult to birth.


At this point I reflected on how challenging it is to birth a personal project that reveals something about who we are and our personal journey. Also, that in my experience, these projects are very important to bring through for our spiritual wellbeing.


She told me that this was indeed very personal and that her daughter had died three years previously. Her project was to help people in the same position by sharing ways in which to be with grief whilst drawing from its gifts.


I did the usual pre-checks and we found that her immune system was operating at 30%.  Valentina said that she had been very tired of late.


I asked Valentina about her project and the next steps that were required for her to move forwards with it. She said that she needed to get a job. When I asked about the job she explained that she needed to feel more a part of the world before she could write the course for her project.


When we muscle checked for the job, her body tested positive. “Yes, she said…. I feel ready to get this job. I will get a job that gives me time to write the course.”


When we muscle checked for the course V tested strong on her left side and weak on the right. Showing that partly she was ready and that partly she was not.


The files revealed more of her story: listening was how she worked and knew what to do. She told me that she had been finding that difficult lately as her mind was cluttered with worries and fears.


Hammering out the truth made sense to her as this is what she knew she must do to get her personal story out. She was keen to find her authentic voice and the place she had experienced whilst in deep grief.


Rejoicing which she exclaimed was within her grief experience and an important part of the course she wanted to write.


Sabotage / responsibility showed up as the dynamic that we were working with. Both testing strong; revealing that V was both taking responsibility for her project and at the same time there was an unconscious sabotage operating.


On checking her aura, we found the 1st layer was switched off and she tested negative to the statement “I exist”.  That’s right she said, at the moment I don’t feel like I’m part of things and that’s why I want to get a job.


Next, we checked for where in the body to work. The meridians came through as the priority with Heart in the chest and arms and Large Intestine in the lower back and legs. Valentina then told me that she had some bowel problems.


The heart meridian felt empty and over- active. Not surprising since her heart had had a lot to bear. The treatment here was about support and relaxation.


The Large Intestine meridian felt like a sheet of metal. Guarded on top and exhausted underneath. This meridian is related to grief and weeping. The intention here was to “warm” the metal and to help the energy build again.


V reported feeling a lot better when she sat up. Some of the pain had gone and she felt less stiffness in her back.


When we rechecked using a muscle check; the aura was strong, as were the statements of listening and rejoicing. Sabotage tested weak and the immune system was operating at between 80 and 90%. When we tested for her project, both arms tested strong. V said that she now felt ready to take the first steps to writing the course.

Valentina's Feedback

"I turned to Jacqueline when I was in pieces; both physically with a tremendous pain to the sciatic nerve and with my head full of plans, thoughts and worries, that made me uncomfortable. I just couldn’t bring my plans into action. 


An hour after the treatment the physical pain had disappeared – gone! And in my mind I felt reassured.


Slowly from then on I have healed. We have done two more skype sessions and despite my doubts about the distance, it has worked.


Everything in my life has taken shape and is now running smoothly. I am running my new business and creating my course.


In our last session we worked on the emotional sphere and relationships. The week after I met a man with whom something beautiful might be born.


I do not want to say that it is all thanks to Jacqueline, but certainly her way of working at 360 degrees on various levels, is very complete and goes deep, so deep that personally it has given me a lot of help. I recommend her without reserve…. and for any kind of "problem".