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Our Animal Instincts

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

In my practice as a Kinesiologist many people start care whilst they are going though change. We can go through so many changes in a lifetime; here are a few examples: coming to terms with a difficult experience, recovering from a shock or an accident, losing a loved one, going through divorce, moving house, falling in love, and many more.

It can take a while for our body to adjust to change and sometimes we are left with symptoms such as headaches, muscle stiffness, back- ache or pain anywhere in the body. We might feel anxious or have trouble resting, or maybe feel low in spirits or be lacking motivation. Sometimes there are no symptoms, simply a feeling that something doesn’t feel quite right.

Our body doesn’t differentiate between negative or positive change. You might be excited about a new project or anxious about a situation at work. Believe it or not; anxiety and excitement can bring about the same response in your body. This is our bodies way of looking after us, as it looks out for danger in this new situation. Just like an animal would if it were walking through new territory.

Our body is infinitely wise and loving; aiming to find balance for us all the time. Sometimes it can get stuck, a bit like a stuck record. This can create disconnection within us, cutting us off from vital parts of life.

In my experience, once we get back onto our natural path, our body finds its equilibrium.

We respond so beautifully to listening and the tenderness of touch. In-fact when we are touched in a positive way, we release oxytocin, one of our feel- good hormones. Sometimes it’s the simple that becomes profound. Perhaps that’s all a part of the great mystery of life.

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