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Grounding through Colour

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Recently I found myself living in a rental with cream walls. This magnolia felt fine when I was out all day. But more recently in lockdown I recognised how flat and empty it made me feel. I also noticed I was a bit “spacey” at home, with no colour for grounding or “relationship”.

Like everything in the universe, colour is vibration, and this vibration affects our vibration and how we feel. We all have colours we like to wear and colours that give us joy, maybe there are colours we find difficult; mine is yellow, what’s yours? Colour can be uplifting and grounding. Helping us into our bodies through our senses.

Without the option to paint, I had to get creative with fabric. Even after working with colour all my life, I was really surprised at the results of these smaller changes. I immediately felt happier; I’m aware of my pleasure as I wake up in the morning to colour. I love relaxing in the pinks and greens of the lounge, lighting pink candles and resting back in the peace of home.

All of this made me consider my wardrobe and what colour I’m currently feeling good in. I realised I needed more flame colours for upliftment and browns for grounding and a feeling of security. Recognising this also made me feel good.

I’d love to hear your colour stories; maybe you’re already living in full colour or maybe you fancy making a change; wherever you’re at, I recommend bringing some new colour into your life and see how it feels. It may be your favourite colour or just a colour that feels right for you in this moment, or you may like to check out the chakra colours below and choose the colour to boost you in a particular way.

Our energy system is a rainbow of beautiful colours. Here are the chakra colours and their correspondences.

Base Chakra: stability and security: reds, oranges and browns

Sacral Chakra: sexuality and creativity; orange and flame colours

Solar Plexus: will- power and self- worth; yellow

Heart: love, compassion and the ability to receive; green or pink

Throat: communication, speaking your truth; turquoise

Brow: insight, intuition, awareness; Indigo

Crown: divine connection and higher consciousness; amethyst

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