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Healing the Bones

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Bones are amazing. Did you know that they are crystalline and emit electrical charges? Or that they are constantly growing and reshaping throughout our lives.

When our bones are tapped, electricity pulses through the bone and the bone cells get busy creating new bone and releasing old bone cells. In this way we can reshape and heal from injury and "wear and tear" as we age.

Listening Touch Affects our Nervous System

Working with the bones requires listening touch…. listening through the fingers into the body; dropping the awareness through the layers of skin, muscle and muscle fascia to meet the periosteum (the bone covering) This is where healing can take place.

The periosteum is the fibrous covering of the bones and is crucial in the building of new bone. The periosteum is linked into the body’s connective tissue which is one large network of collagen throughout your whole body. So by touching the periosteum, we connect with the whole of your body.

By stimulating the periosteum, endorphins are released repairing nerve endings which may have become “frayed”. Feedback is sent to the hypothalamus (your brain) influencing your nervous system to release survival mechanisms and return to the “relax” response.

The Hypothalamus

The Hypothalamus is the centre for desire, emotional energy and idealism; it is the part of the brain that instantly reacts to stress. It stores old memories and patterns so that we can recognise a threat in the future. Some of these patterns are no longer serving us and may be ready to release, freeing us up to live more fully in the present.

Our bones carry the Karmic Structure of the body. Personal and ancestral karma that is ready to be released, may be cleared in this way.

Bone Healing can create profound change and may be useful for the following:

  • Weak bones, accidents, fractures

  • Old patterns that keep repeating

  • Bone discomfort or pain

  • Ancestral issues

  • Karmic issues

  • Postural problems

  • Emotionally “all over the place”

  • Kidney imbalances


Carrie Jost: 'Our Boney Structure Manual for Creative Kinesiologists'

Stanley Rosenberg: 'Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve'

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