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Managing Change

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

We are all undergoing a lot of change as we adapt to our society’s response to COVID-19.

In my practice, I see symptoms showing up for people as they do their best to integrate a lot more change than they are used to dealing with. The truth is that it takes our bodies time to integrate change and at the moment it seems to me that we are constantly “re-orienting” ourselves to the latest news, the latest government guidelines. So that before we have had time to settle into the new status quo, the next new measures are introduced, and we have to adjust once again.

Like you, I’m aware of the amount of sometimes big lifestyle changes we are going through. People are losing connection with colleagues, friends, community. Working from home is a very different experience to the workplace: meeting on Zoom whilst much more tiring, also doesn’t give us the human connections that we thrive on.

We are all aware of friends and neighbours, having lost their jobs, their livelihoods and their financial security.

For our youth, college is no longer the joyful experience that it once was, with the majority of students unable to go into the college, taking most of their lessons in isolation on a laptop from their bedrooms and dorms.

Some people have been home schooling, sometimes alone, sometimes whilst running a job at the same time. Others have been in isolation with only the TV for company.

These are all big changes for us, and I’m sure there are many more not mentioned here.

We know that we thrive on connection. We feel alive when we contribute though our work, our family’s, our different communities. This is our basic human nature and when this is stripped away; we are laid bare. We can feel raw, unseen, under-valued, overwhelmed, worried or anxious. We can easily get disheartened and depressed.

What Can We do To Support Ourselves and our Loved ones?

Going through change requires a lot of energy. It means that we use go through our energy reserves much faster than usual. So in order to support ourselves, we need to nourish ourselves. We can do this in many ways. Heres 7 ways to help integrate change. I'm guessing you are already doing some of the following. Perhaps you can pick up something new that you know is missing from your life or that would benefit from more development.


Our bodies are amazing, they do a really great job for us when we nourish ourselves. We are nourished by deep rest, nutritious food, plenty of water, fresh air, regular exercise, positive relationships and positive thinking.


Give yourself lots more rest. Take mini-breaks; sit in the sun; lie on the sofa and breathe deep for 10 minutes; take a sleep when the children nap; take a rest after lunch; get to bed at 9 with a warm drink and a book. Let yourself sleep early and long.

When we sleep our bodies naturally heal. Our cells regenerate and we come to a place of balance. Sleep is our easy way to “activate” healing for ourselves.

Nutritious foods

Don’t worry if you are using food for comfort… just add in lots of the nutritious stuff too.

Fruit, vegetables, pulses, fish and meat. Cook up lovely soups and put some in the freezer for when you’re too tired or too busy.


Drink lots of water. We need more water during times of stress and change. Drink it warm or cool, add some lemon or a twist of fresh orange. This will help the nervous system and the muscles to relax.


Yes to whatever you love! And just do what you can, when you can: walking, running, cycling, yoga, Chi-Kung, sports etc. etc. whatever feels good. Sometimes when I’m busy, I take a 10 minute walk around the local playing field between clients. Exercise is a change maker. It helps us to balance.

Fresh Air

Pretty obvious. Get it whenever you can: beach or wilds. When you’re in a place where the air is fresh, take in great lung fulls of it. Drink it in through our mouth, through your nostrils. Take it in through your skin; feel as if your whole body is breathing (it actually is!)

Positive Relationships

We need to feel valued and that we belong. We do this through our family’s and communities. Chat with someone outside of your home every day. When you can, do this in person, otherwise on the phone or online.

Positive Thinking

I am a huge advocate for affirming statements. I make up my own and find Louise Hay is still an inspiration after these long years. If you wake up with negative thinking… get on to it… you deserve more…. make the change for yourself by finding a positive to your negative and repeating it like a mantra.

Here’s one of my favourites, this one is from Florence Scovel Shinn, she was a mystic in the 1930’s. I recommend any of her 4 books.

“ I am nourished by the spirit within,

every cell in my body is filled with light,

I give thanks for radiant health and endless happiness”

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