Introducing The New Saturday Back Clinic at The Practice Rooms, Exeter

Combining Muscle balancing with Shiatsu & deep tissue release.

Specialising in nervous system rebalancing and structural alignment.

The home of Health and Wellbeing

 Supporting you to build a deeper connection with yourself and others, to embody more soul

and to realise your dreams.

        I love helping people suffering from pain or in need of emotional support.

        I combine Creative Kinesiology with Shiatsu. Each session includes some discussion, with Bodywork and Energy work.

       You can work with me one to one in person or on skype. I practice at  at The Practice Rooms in Exeter and from my home in Dartington. Home visits are available in the South Devon and Exeter areas.

About Live Love Dream and how it can help you

Real life stories from Clients of  their transformational journeys

An interview with Jacqueline Lawes

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Feedback from clients

What People Are Saying

“It’s hard to describe with words, work that goes much deeper than what a human brain can understand. The only thing that is sure, is that it won’t leave you unchanged. Powerful transformation of your energetic body, and therefore of the direction of your life, are facilitated by Jacqueline. I’m eternally grateful for that.”

"I went for sessions with Jacqueline looking for relief for a pain in my physical body. What I hadn’t realised was that I was in need of a holistic healing. She helped me to assess different levels of my body and soul and we worked together to re-establish my energy levels. It was really gentle, but extremely powerful.”

"I am very grateful for having Jaqueline as my therapist to guide me on my personal journey to find myself again, to feel better emotionally and physically.


Her brilliant listening skills, her calming influence and patience, alongside her vast experience in the field have helped me to start believing in myself again and heal. I would highly recommend her as a professional and approachable person" 


"What I've experienced with you has been so rich and layered - a meaningful mix of science and magic that truly listens to my whole system and intervenes to create smoothness and coherence.  


And it has been deeply moving to be welcomed and held by you and your wisdom, in whatever state I'm in. When my sister died recently and my body was in shock for several weeks, a visit to you calmed my nervous system so I could finally relax and sleep."

"I turned to Jacqueline when I was in pieces; both physically with a tremendous pain to the sciatic nerve and with my head full of plans, thoughts and worries, that made me uncomfortable. I just couldn’t bring my plans into action. 


An hour after the treatment the physical pain had disappeared – gone! And in my mind I felt reassured."