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I’m really glad you are here. It’s my passion and joy to help you to build vitality and Natural Health.


Perhaps you are at the beginning of exploring Natural Health or maybe you already have some good techniques that are supporting you and you want to learn more. Wherever you are in your life, I am happy to help. My name is Jacqueline, I’ve been in private practice for 25 years and I expect to be here for the next 25. I am committed to healing and to supporting you on your personal healing journey. I do this through my groups and individual sessions. I work online with people around the world and in person in Devon within my local communities.


Hypersensitivity was suggested by my doctor when I was very small, possibly around 3 or 4 years old. I was a shy, only child, picking up on everyone’s unspoken emotions and finding the world quite daunting. Lying on the grass looking into the clouds was my favourite pass-time. I also slept a lot and remember vivid dreams that were very much a part of my reality.

As I grew up this shyness got covered in alcohol with a good dollop of false bravado. I drank heavily in order to feel ok in social situations. I had grown up in a sedentary family so when I took up hiking at 22, it was easy to see that my centre of gravity was not where it should be and those early travelling experiences, getting grounded and connected in wild places, were happy times.


Over the years,  I’ve become experienced in knowing when I disassociate and when I’m present and I’m well practiced at the techniques that bring me back into alignment, back into my body and into the flow of life. Like all healing, it's an ongoing journey.  I simply do my best by surrendering to the process, bringing support and tenderness to myself whilst bringing myself back to presence and embodiment. When I do this I notice how much happier I am, that I have more energy, creativity and more fulfilling friendships and community connection.

After many years of exploration, today my main practices are Yoga, Conscious Dance, Creative Kinesiology, Shiatsu and connection to Nature. I love bringing these threads together to meet you where you are, and provide support for your next steps to embodiment and connection.

A Little of My Embodiment Story

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