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Richard's Story

Richard, a young man of 25, came with stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders. I noticed a pale hue to his skin and a “thin” voice (possible metal element imbalance in Chinese Medicine.) He said he was over thinking and noticed that he was judging himself. He also had tension in the left knee after a ligament injury and felt blocked in his gut.

His Vital body tested at 40% and healing capacity also at 40%. The second layer of his aura was switching off reflecting an emotional issue.

The connections through the gut were switched off; upper to lower belly and belly to upper body, belly to lower body. All showed a disconnect.


His diaphragm was also switched off and breathing was shallow.


We checked the statement: “I judge myself” which tested strong.


From the files captain of the ship/collision course


We discussed the possibility that there was a need for a change in direction. Richard felt that his responses with people were often forceful and he said that he felt a need to retract back into himself.


The files showed chemical overload and after some testing we found that the washing powder in use was toxic for Richard


We needed to work in the past at age 7. This is the age when the child begins to separate from mother and moves out into the world. If the support for this is not present at that time, possible injuries are withdrawal or exaggerated independence.


I checked Richard’s centring. He was in-front and above himself. Connected above but not to earth.


The five-element diagnosis was spleen and heart protector. The heart protector meridian was over energised, and the spleen meridian was weak. The focus of the Shiatsu was grounding and nourishing so that the fire energy could rest back. I worked to relax the fire and allow it to gather in the belly whilst promoting good circulation through the chest and arms.


The Diaphragm now tested on and J was back in his centre and connected through the bodies Haric line to heaven and earth. His vital body and healing capacity were both above 70%. (In kinesiology terms, once 60 % is reached, the body’s own natural healing mechanisms can self-regulate). The second layer of his aura now tested strong.


Richard said that he could feel his legs and feet more and he made the statement “My path is smooth” which tested strong. The statement “I Judge Myself” now switched off and Richard added “I accept myself” which tested strong.


Session 2


Richard said he was feeling good but that after he had visited his family, he could feel a difference in his breathing again which felt difficult and his shoulders and his heart felt “closed”.  He noticed that he was in his mind a lot again which had changed after the first appointment. He was cold through his left leg. He talked about the difficult relationship with his father and how much he would like to have something different.

We tested the statement “I’m unheard” which tested positive.

We tested how his body was with his father. It switched off on the right side whilst the left held.


His vital body tested low again at 50 % and spiritual Jing at 30 %


The first layer of the aura switched off reflecting a disconnection with the physical body. The 2nd chakra (creativity) was off and he was disconnected from earth again.


Radiation came from the files and it transpired that the WIFI in his home was negatively affecting him.


We worked with the breath and circulation, employing breathing techniques and neurovascular points. The five-element diagnosis was fire and metal and I worked again with Heart Protector and this time the Large Intestine meridian.  The fire felt “thin” and active, needing re-assurance and the metal was stuck in several areas in the legs and needed “motivation” to move and circulate.


Richard reported feeling better after the Shiatsu. His breathing felt deeper and he felt more grounded.


On testing: His aura and chakras were strong. Tourmaline (a crystal) came forward to help with the radiation from the WIFI. And the test for his relationship with his father was positive. His Vital body was now over 80% and his spiritual Jing 65%.


Session 3


Richard was thinking about his future and said that he felt tired from thinking about the many options available to him. He wanted to make a decision on what to do for his first year after college. He wanted to feel a sense of purpose in what he was doing.


He was also recognising a pattern in his relationships where he wanted to be close and then would pull away (“feeling suffocated”).


His vital signs all tested strong.


We talked for a while about his options and he expressed a desire to feel “in the right place at the right time”. In kinesiology terms we would call this being in alignment: mind, body and soul.


From the files we discovered that he was carrying a miasm. A miasm is an energetic imprint in the system which may manifest into illness at some point. Some miasms are inherited and some are “picked up” from the environment. In this case the miasm was “picked up” and was related to heavy metal.


His prana point showed that he was taking energy into his body but not releasing energy.


We worked with his nervous system and special senses which showed an imbalance of calcium, sodium and potassium levels.


The five-element diagnosis was in fire and water and I worked his Heart Protector and Kidney meridians. The fire energy needed containment and the water energy, support.


Together we did the Golden Orb Meditation. This meditation strengthens the auric container making relationships easier. It protects from external influences like electromagnetic fields, thought forms and toxins in the air, etc.


Richard reported feeling better with more energy circulating through his legs and feet again.


We tested the statements “I am connected on all levels” and from Richard “I am connected to my heart which opens the door on the limitlessness of my soul”.


4th Session - by Skype


Richard reported feeling good generally but recognised fears when thinking about the future and what path to take. He was finding it hard to make a decision. He said he had pain in his left foot and he felt disconnected in his belly again.


When I asked him to close his eyes and scan his body for information, he responded that he was unable to feel his feet.


His thymus switched off and his vital body was at 50%. He had hidden dehydration.


We checked the statement “I’m frightened” and “I’m comfortable”

which both tested positive on the right and negative on the left.


After more discussion we added “I’m motivated” and “I make my decisions easily” both tested negative on the left and positive on the right side.


The interface between the physical body and the aura was switched off and the 1st to 3rd layers of the aura were off.


From the files hierarchical authority. Richard recognised this dynamic within the family from his grandmother and his father. This was held in the lungs.


The five-element diagnosis was in earth and metal and the spleen and lung meridians were indicated. We worked with neurolymphatic points and neurovascular points which Richard could hold and rub himself. These were balancers for the following muscles and meridians.


Diaphragm (Lung meridian)

Pectoralis major sternal (Gall Bladder meridian)

Coracobrachialis (Lung meridian)


We rechecked our statements which showed balance. Richard made the statement

“I’m free to make my choices” which was strong.


Then I asked Richard to close his eyes and we played with the three options he had discussed imagining one at a time and spending some time to feel into the body response. The first one made him feel slightly sick. The second and third options each increased his sense of energy.


His thymus tested strong and his vital body was back up to 100%. He reported having more feeling in his feet and feeling better generally.

Richard's Feedback

“It’s hard to describe with words, work that goes much deeper than what a human brain can understand. The only thing that is sure, is that it won’t leave you un-changed. Powerful transformation of your energetic body, and therefore of the direction of your life, are facilitated by Jacqueline. I’m eternally grateful for that.”

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