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the HOPE diaries

Activate Your Natural Healing

The Hope diaries is a live online course in energy techniques to support your health and wellbeing. These techniques are simple and fun to do. Once you know how to access your energy system, you can feel better every day and begin to take charge of your natural health. There is so much that you can do for yourself in just 10 minutes a day. 

The Live Programmes


These programs are a live online training with me. This means I will be with you as you learn and able to support you to understand the material and to feel confident in working with your energy. You will have access to the video of each weeks exercise and I will be available to answer any questions over our private Facebook group. 

Each group has a maximum of 10 people to allow space for this personal connection.


The Course Content


  1. A 1 hour live session each week.

  2. A video of the tuition for you to work with during the programme.

  3. A PDF of the exercises and diary prompts to help you to access your inner wisdom and record your progress.

  4. A Facebook group where you can meet together and I will be available to offer support and to answer your questions.


Programme 1

This initial 4 week course will give you some excellent foundation exercises to support your health and vitality.


Programme 2

The 8 Week course follow up will give you a fuller experience and practice on working with your energy pathways, activating your natural health.


Individual Support: 1-2-1


I offer personal support online or in Devon. You can take the course one to one if you prefer, or you may like to top up the course with some one to one tuition or a Creative Kinesiology session. Please get in-touch if you want to discuss this and to make a booking.

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“Each time I meet up with Jacqueline and members of this group, I receive exactly what my Being is asking for! I find 1 hour just right to fuel my needs and set me up for the day ahead.”


“I love this group, it feels like having arms wrapped around me”


“I feel so different by the end of each session, calm and together.”

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