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Corporate Health & Well-being

We are all aware of the pressures of Corporate which can lead to

low energy levels, low moral and low productivity.


Health & Well-being days bring welcome rest and relaxation on a personal and group level. These days are designed to de-stress mind and body, to create space, to break down barriers..........


Health & Well-being Program

  •        Relaxes, recharges and inspires individuals and teams

  •        Uplifts the spirit of the team

  •        Creates great working relationships

  •        Builds team harmony


The Program Includes:


  •        Stress busting exercises

  •        Creative play

  •        Visualisation

  •        Yoga



“Our aim was to enhance our training and development package for staff through investing in their wellbeing. We requested a course which demanded no learning outcomes but instead focused on self development and tools for personal resilience which would benefit staff in both their personal and professional lives.


Live Love Dream met our brief and exceeded our expectations. We had a volume of positive feedback from staff and have commissioned follow up training. We will be including this course in EDP’s portfolio of training and development on a permanent basis, seeking to balance professional and personal development.”


Lucie Hartley, C.E.O EDP Drug and Alcohol Services.

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