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Chinese Medicine

What is Chinese Medicine and How Can it help?


Chinese Medicine is based on the interrelationship between us and our environment. It holds the belief that we are made up of the same five elements that we find around us, and that the balance of these elements relates to our physical health, our emotions and our spiritual wellbeing.


Taking the example of the metal element which relates to the lungs and the large intestine organs. This element corresponds to our ability to take in what we need and to let go of that which we don’t.


A healthy metal element brings the gifts of inspiration, clear mind and precision. It leads us to feeling valued and useful in society. A metal element out of balance might reflect excessive grief, feelings of unworthiness, feeling isolated, irritable bowel syndrome or breathing difficulties. Bouts of melancholy or depression are common.


The other elements of fire, water, wood and earth also have specific emotions and physical attributes in this way.


What are Meridians?


Each element has a pair of energy lines which course around the body; from head to toe, and through its related internal organ. They are known as meridians. By massaging the meridians, we can enhance the flow of energy and increase the effectiveness of that element within the body. This will gently affect the associated organ and enhance the organ’s functioning.


This can lead to emotional relief and improve health issues. It also affects our spiritual wellbeing and our interconnectedness with the world around us; the natural world and society.


What are Acupressure Points?


Acupressure points, traditionally called tsubos are like little wells of energy along a meridian which drop deep into the body. They have complex functions and are a good way of treating the internal landscape.


For example, Liver 3, which is in the webbing between the big toe and the second toe, is a useful point for:


  1. Promoting energy flow and circulation throughout the body

  2. Calming the mind

  3. Resolving menstrual tension and irregular menstruation

  4. Releasing stress and repressed anger

  5. Resolving headaches, migraines and dizziness

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