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Learn How To Manage Your Health Naturally

Are you experiencing sensitivity to foods, chemicals, or radiation?  
Is sensitivity getting in the way of living your life to the full?
Are you finding it hard to bounce back after stress, illness or taking knocks in life? Sensitivity can cause low immunity or an inability to relax deeply – sleep may be constantly disrupted.

Maybe you experience Allergies, Skin conditions, Dizziness, or I.B.S. Did you know this could be a mast cell problem? Mast cells are a part of our immune system protecting us from illness and disease. These cells can become over-reactive creating inflammation and pain. As they are all over our body; the symptoms can be in any part of the body, for example: migraines, urinary infections, heart burn, palpitations, and feelings of anxiety and depression. 


I didn’t know about mast cells until 3 years ago when I got sick and couldn’t find a diagnosis. Doctors were puzzled at my blood tests showing extreme anaemia but with no root cause. My iron levels were “on the ground” and red blood cells sticky and irregular. I had terrible digestive issues and regular migraines. I had no energy and couldn’t get out of bed.

After researching I found information on Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (M.C.A.S), a relatively new condition, recently named and just beginning to be recognised (2017). Doctors, mostly in the USA, specialising in this diagnosis are still looking for positive ways forwards. It is thought that around 17% of the population have this condition and don’t know it. It’s very difficult to diagnose as it manifests completely differently for each person, requiring a different approach and different drug therapies. 

It is thought that M.C.A.S could be the precursor to auto-immune conditions such as fibromyalgia, M.S, M.E, arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, asthma, and chronic fatigue.

A bit About Me

I used my experience as a Natural Health Coach and Kinesiologist to develop a program of recovery for myself that bought me back to full health and wellbeing.

I’ve created this online course to help you do the same; supporting you in learning how to manage your natural health, bringing you back into a place of balance, recovering vital energy so you can realise your potential.


This programme has been specially designed to help you to build your resilience by helping you to design your own personal energy support in the form of 15 -minute techniques that support your physical, emotional, and mental health.

These techniques help you release stress and trauma from your body; relaxing; mind, body, and spirit. This deeper relaxation supports your optimum health in every way and allows relaxation of mast cell activity, helping you to manage histamine intolerance and mast cell conditions.

These techniques have been tested on 1,000’s of clients over 25 years of professional Natural Health Practice and incorporate the present understanding of Trauma and its effects on the body, the Vagus nerve (polyvagal theory) and neuroplasticity; how the brain changes in response to our thinking.

We all have a beautiful, natural self- healing body, but sometimes our life experiences throw us off course; perhaps through past trauma or chronic stress; our natural healing mechanisms get stuck; under or over responding. This brings pain, discomfort and low energy and it can be difficult to come back to a place of balance and health.

If you are reading this, you will probably recognise yourself in one of the above conditions. There really is so much you can do to make a difference for yourself in just 15 minutes a day. Pick up this programme and take your natural health into your own hands, give yourself the support that you need to make the changes that you want, realising your potential


“ When I came to Jacqueline, I was very sick with anxiety and physical problems. Jacqueline’s sessions have helped me a lot with my energy levels and my anxiety, they also helped with the pain I had in my body and my over-all mental health. 


Jacqueline taught me how to do acupressure points on myself and this has benefited me greatly. “

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