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Learn How To Manage Your Health Naturally

Are you experiencing stress or trauma?

Maybe you're finding it difficult to sleep or to fully relax? 

Do you find it difficult to concentrate or make decisions? Are you lacking inspiration for life?

Maybe you're stuck in a particular emotion: feelings of anger, grief, sadness, anxiety? Or maybe life feels like one long emotional rollercoaster?

Perhaps you experience migranes, I.B.S., skin conditions or feelings of anxiety. Did you know this could be a symptom of long term (chronic) stress or trauma that’s held in your body. Symptoms may arise in any part of the body, for example: recurring urinary infections, heart burn, palpitations, or feeling depressed.


I didn’t know how dangerous chronic stress was until 3 years ago when I had a stressful job and a difficult relationship break-up. I knew I was operating in a “fight and flight” mode; doing my job plus covering other jobs whilst people were off sick, and then going home to the pain of a failing relationship.

After about a year of these pressures, I got sick. Doctors were puzzled at my blood tests showing extreme anaemia but with no root cause. My iron levels were “on the ground” and red blood cells sticky and irregular. I had terrible digestive issues and regular migraines. I had no energy and couldn’t get out of bed.

Fortunately, I had enough medical understanding to do some research and with the help of a friend, I found my diagnosis. Once I knew it was related to stress, I was able to draw on my experience and create a resilience routine that bought me back to health.

It is thought that stress and trauma could be the precursor to many health conditions such as fibromyalgia, M.E, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, psoriasis, asthma, chronic fatigue, cancer, and many more.

Why this course?

I’ve created this online programme to support you to release stress and trauma, and to learn how to manage your natural health; helping you to restore balance, recovering vital energy so you can realise your potential.

This programme has been specially designed to help you relax; mind, body, and spirit. This deeper relaxation supports your optimum health in every way.

This program will support you to design your own personal resilience program, choosing from 7, 15- minute techniques designed to support your physical, emotional, and mental health.

These techniques have been tested on 1,000’s of clients over 25 years of professional Natural Health Practice and incorporate the present understanding of Trauma and its effects on the body, the Vagus nerve (polyvagal theory) and neuroplasticity; how the brain changes in response to our thinking.

We all have a beautiful, natural self- healing body, but sometimes our life experiences throw us off course; perhaps through past trauma or chronic stress; our natural healing mechanisms get stuck. This brings pain, discomfort and low energy and it can be difficult to come back to a place of balance and health.

There really is so much you can do to make a difference for yourself in just 15 minutes a day. Pick up this programme and take your natural health into your own hands, give yourself the support that you need to make the changes that you want, realising your potential.


“ When I came to Jacqueline, I was very sick with anxiety and physical problems. Jacqueline’s sessions have helped me a lot with my energy levels and my anxiety, they also helped with the pain I had in my body and my over-all mental health. 


Jacqueline taught me how to do acupressure points on myself and this has benefited me greatly. “

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