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Bodywork for Dancers

Would you like to improve your dance?


Designed specifically for dancers, the aim of this program is to help you to gain more control and grace in your dance. 


We will do this by addressing the following:


1 Postural alignment

2 Joint freedom

3 Core strength


Postural alignment

Do you ever feel off balance or pulled off balance by a partner? Chances are one or both of you has a postural alignment that is not centred in the pelvis. Releasing the muscles and balancing the pelvis brings more contact with the ground and more strength in your dance. This brings alignment through the whole body and helps you to dance with your whole body (rather than from the waist up!)


Joint freedom 

Do you ever feel slightly awkward or find it difficult to move in the hips or shoulders? Maybe your ankles are stiff or your knees ache after the dance? Maybe you've got an old injury which has never properly healed? By freeing up the joints and promoting circulation through the limbs, the body can relax deeper and movement becomes easeful and graceful.


Core strength 

Do you struggle with dips and drops? Or body weight distribution? Maybe you notice yourself shaking in certain moves or find yourself leaning forwards or backwards? Core strength includes both the gut muscles and the back muscles. They work together to create a firm core through which your whole dance can emerge. A strong core centres the dance and brings better connection with your partner. When the core is strong, the rest of the body can relax and thus your dance becomes easeful.

The Dancers Program

The Dancers Program combines Shiatsu (Japanese Bodywork) with Chiropractic muscle balancing and Yoga. It is all done fully clothed and personally tailored to your needs.


It begins with 3 x 90 min sessions at weekly or 2 weekly intervals. Please feel you can try the first session before committing to the further two sessions. You will notice some change after a single session. To create lasting change through the body, three sessions are required to integrate the work.


We will work with one Yoga exercise alongside the bodywork in each session. You can practice this between sessions if you wish to enhance the program.


After our three sessions you can decide if you want to continue with the program or take a break. You can then choose how you would like to take your sessions depending on your lifestyle and personal requirements. Some people enjoy ongoing weekly or fortnightly sessions whilst others may plan for 1 session per month or 4 per year; it's up to you.


About me

I’ve been practicing and teaching in Natural Health Care for 22 years. I’ve always danced and I've practiced Yoga for 30 years and taught for 15. You can find out more about me here

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”  Allen Ginsberg

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