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Jenny's Story 

Jenny had sciatica. It was the worst case I had seen. She was confined to bed and on heavy medication. She described the pain as unbearable; she couldn’t put her foot down to walk and any movement sent pain down from her hip through the leg to the foot.


She had received treatment for this last year and it had much improved to a level that she felt she could live with. But in the last three months it had been steadily worsening until she found herself unable to walk.


She was on strong pain killers and was concerned about the amount she was taking. She noticed that they were already becoming less effective. She was not sleeping well. Sometimes only 2 hours a night.


The duration of treatment.


Jenny had 6 sessions over 4 months. And then continued to have maintenance sessions each 4 to 5 weeks.


The Treatment Plan


Over these 6 sessions we worked each time to balance the nervous system and the endocrine system. We did this through muscle balancing from the “touch for health” system.


Each muscle relates to a meridian (energy line) and to those corresponding qualities. The Large Intestine and the Gall Bladder meridian were common themes for Jenny.  Both run close to the sciatic nerve and are therefore indicated in this condition. We worked consistently with Quadratus Lumborum which “holds up” the torso and with the Liver meridian which connects with the general flow of energy through the body and is the centre of our creative force.


I worked lightly with neurovascular points to alleviate the stress and stimulate circulation and I massaged the neuro-lymphatic points to move the body to let go and to detox.


Working with the files: Jenny’s Story Unfolds


From session 1: creativity. Jenny talked about the challenge of earning money and doing what she loved. She told me that she loves writing and had written a Cook book - a journey through each country. She then talked enthusiastically about the diversity of Arabic cooking. We discussed her getting the book published. She told me it needed more work first and that she would like to get back to it.


In session 2 A little bit of special traditions. Jenny talked about how much she missed the Arabic language which she now only spoke with her family whom she didn’t see so often. A part of that was her financial position which she said she very much wanted to change and was anxious to be well and get back to work. She had been self-employed so was not receiving payment on sick leave. Jenny decided to reintroduce some of her tradition’s in the household.


In session 3: Superiority/ undermining. Jenny talked about how she felt she had needed to learn to stand her ground in life. She had experienced some racial prejudice coming to a small village in Somerset. This had come often through the work that she had been doing. It had been stressful, and she had decided not to go back into this trade but to look for something else.


Session 4: What's blocking you and focus. Jenny talked about her work and affirmed her decision not to continue with the business she had been operating. She said that she still didn’t know what to do but felt that she now had the energy to get on with something. She said she had been writing again; her short stories and the cookery book and was enjoying that.


Session 5: Captain of the Ship and descaling. Jenny felt that she was making progress in taking control of her situation and was pleased with her first steps; she had booked herself onto a photography course. She knew she needed to find some work and was still not sure where to go with that. We worked with the statements “I’m at the helm” and “I know where I’m going”


Session 6: Jenny was in “good spirits” she talked excitedly about the courses she was about to begin said that she felt more ready to find some work although she didn’t yet have idea for what she was going to do. We worked with the following statements:


“I’m ready to take my next steps”

“I’m in the process of finding my work”


The Progress


Over the sessions Jenny’s physical symptoms improved. By session 3 she suggested the pain levels were around a 5 compared to the 10 that she began with and she was now moving around the house but still sore.


By session 6 she was only feeling pain in her big toe and described her hips as being “sometimes uncomfortable but not painful” She was enjoying dog walking and light exercise and had returned to a meditation practice.


Jenny continues to have monthly session’s. Now that her physical symptoms are manageable, she is focusing on her career change.

Jenny's Feedback

"Jacqueline has worked wonders on me with her treatments, when all conventional medicines failed. 

I can’t thank her enough for helping me get back on a better track."

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