Mary's Story

Mary was a young woman of just 28 who was in a lot of pain. She had just left a job in a multinational company having worked 12-hour days for five years.


She told me that she had a diagnosis of a genetic problem with her hip joints. Her pelvis was permanently tilted and was regularly painful. She had a very painful neck with restricted rotation and sometimes pain in her lower back.


She told me that she was in her head a lot of the time and was becoming more emotionally expressive. Her focus was to stop thinking all the time and to learn to feel more.


I noticed a blue / purple hue around her eyes and a restlessness in her body (a possible water/ fire or water/wood diagnosis in Chinese five-elements).


Session 1


Her vital body tested weak. On further investigation it showed at between 30 and 40 %. The Vital body relates to how a person is holding their energy. Her 2nd and 6th layers of the aura were switched off. Her prana point was releasing energy but not taking energy in, revealing that she was giving energy but unable to receive it.


I started with a four-muscle balance and worked with the neuro-vascular points to relieve stress in the system and promote circulation. Her five element diagnosis was in wood and water. I worked the Gall Bladder meridian from head to feet to support the wood and help her to find the ground and the Bladder meridian in the back to support the whole system and to bring balance to the five-elements.


Session 2 (two weeks later)


Mary reported feeling much better after the first appointment and was not in so much pain. Her neck felt better but was “not entirely free” and she was feeling much better emotionally. She was still noticing hip pain but less than before.


Her vital force was between 50 and 60 % and the third layer of the aura was off but the vital body was holding. We worked with the endocrine system; the right ovary and the right adrenal were switched off. The mid brain was off (signifying an emotional issue). And the second chakra (creativity) was switched off.


The files revealed Balancing the Masculine and Feminine and Magical awakening and the Magical Child which Mary related to as she was working with her spiritual development and had been noticing how hard it was for her to stop thinking and doing. Her goal was to be more present and receptive.


We needed to work in the past to track an old issue which was still held in the system. The issue was of male oppression. Mary told me how this had influenced her life. We talked for some time uncovering and witnessing her story.


The five-element diagnosis was wood/water again. The emphasis this session was to support the Gall bladder meridian by strengthening the channel, head to toe. I also worked more thoroughly the shoulders and the neck to bring increased circulation throughout and to promote connection between mind and body.


Session 3 (three weeks later)


Mary reported that the last session had felt very effective and that her body had a reaction of feeling the cold for a few days afterwards. Otherwise she was feeling good; much stronger generally. Her neck was still clicking occasionally but there was no longer any pain and her hips were feeling much better.


She had been thinking about how to nourish her magical child and allow more space for play and presence in her life.


Her vital force was again between 50 and 60% and she tested for hidden dehydration. Hidden dehydration comes up when a person is drinking enough fluids, but some parts of the body cannot process it and thus become dehydrated. When this shows up we work at a cellular level to increase the uptake of water in the cells.


The endocrine system showed up again. This time we worked with the parathyroid and the adrenals.


Mary talked about her need to know about her path to serve in the world.  After some discussion we worked with the statements:

“I can see my path to serve in the world”

“I’m on my path”


From the files expanding into life. So we tested the statement “I am expanding into life”


All statements tested strong on the left and wobbly on the Right.


Reactivity showed in the muscles and we worked with a four-muscle balance.

In five elements the fire energy and the Heart Protector Meridian needed sedating (relaxing). I worked this through the chest and arms and down into the legs.


On finishing, vital force had increased to 80% and hidden dehydration and the endocrine system tested strong.


Mary's statements all tested strong and Mary reported feeling much better about her next steps to finding her work.

Mary's Feedback

"I went for the sessions with Jacqueline looking for relief for a pain in my physical body. What I hadn’t realised was that I was in need of a holistic healing. She helped me to assess different levels of my body and soul and we could work together to re-establish my energy levels. It was really gentle, but extremely powerful.”