Creative Kinesiology and

Muscle Testing

Creative Kinesiology helps you to harmonise all aspects of your being: mind, body and soul.


It uses muscle-testing to receive bio-feedback from the body. This gentle technique enables us to build a picture of your overall general health. All levels are addressed; physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, biochemical and spiritual. Monitoring your muscle response provides us with a wealth of information about whats happening at a deeper level. 

This way we can uncover the story behind your symptoms and find the best way to help you rebalance and find your optimal health. 

In Creative Kinesiology we use a range of techniques which include bodywork and energy work. This includes the following:

  1. Cranial Stress Release

  2. Zone reflexes

  3. Rainbow Brain

  4. Neuro-lymphatic points

  5. Neuro-vascular points

  6. Ancestral Meridians

  7. Cellular balancing

  8. Auric Centring

  9. Chakra balancing

  10. Brain balancing

  11. Meridian massage

  12. Acupressure points

" Dance like nobody's watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like there nobody listening and live like its heaven on earth"

William Purkey