It's natural to seek support on this long, evolving journey of life. Sometimes we get thrown "a curve ball" and need to traverse difficult circumstances. During these times we may find our health or energy levels compromised, we might experience complex emotions, feel confused or lost.


Having someone to support you during these times can be invaluable. An experienced practitioner who has journeyed with many others, as well as deepen in her own journey, understands the "terrain" and can become a welcome guide and companion. 

Many people are nervous when seeking therapeutic help. This is completely natural. It takes time to develop a relationship and trust in another person. In the beginning we simply have our instincts to tell us where to begin. 

This is why I like to talk with you before you decide. I offer this phone call free of charge. This way you can let me know a bit about what's happening for you and get your questions answered about how I work. Hopefully during our conversation you will also get an "hunch" about whether you want to go ahead and book a session.


Creative Kinesiology is an experience and therefore challenging to put into words. Please check out my section on Creative Kinesiology.  If you are still uncertain, I suggest you try a 30 minute taster session to receive the experience for yourself.

Creative Kinesiology is a gentle technique which allows us to find balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, biochemical and nutritional.

People come for many reasons, here are a few:

  • Immune System Balancing

  • Emotional support

  • Stress relief

  • Nervous System Balancing

  • Low vitality / sluggishness

  • Digestive disorders and dietary advice

  • Lacking direction/ feeling lost

  • Creating changes or going through changes eg.

    • divorce​

    • bereavement

    • relationship issues

    • moving home

    • menopause

  • lack of motivation

  • pain

  • p.m.t

  • headaches / migraines

  • back pain

  • Insomnia